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Why use 'OneClick' ?

We cut out the unnecessary to make life simpler for everyone.

Here you will find a dynamic property search and listing service covering all types of property. The site is firmly based on honesty and technical expertise.  The straightforward and fair service is helpful to property searchers and listers alike, whatever your size and area of interest.

No-nonsense, fair terms

A FREE trial plan is available to get started. Upgrade or Cancel anytime. No Ads. Never any conditions about how many or which other property website portals you can or cannot use. Open and transparent terms with easy-to-understand property listing plans all backed by a no-quibble 30-day Money back guarantee.

Open and transparent pricing

The main 'paid-for' pricing plans are easy to understand with flexible payment options. All listing plans are 'pay as you go' on a rolling basis and searching is obviously FREE.

Latest technology

Property searches are performed by dynamically 'drilling-down' using your own chosen search criteria. For those adding/updating property, the interface has been designed to make that process very easy.  You are always directly in control of your listing.


All types of property

Yes one single site here caters for rental and sales of all types of property (both residential and commercial).
If it 'has a roof on it', then we can cater for it!  In fact we also cover listing of land, farms, estates and property developments. And if you want to showcase your Windmill, then look no further 🙂

Easy search and listing of property

The efficient interface is super-easy and just as intuitive for those signed in to promote and showcase their property as it is for customers searching. Both customers are immediately greeted with a dynamic, refreshing experience and have their own one-page control console helping them to do what they need.  

Full Google Maps integration

Just adding an address and postcode for a property record will ensure it receives the full Google Maps treatment (Road, satellite and street-view), plus an ability to search within any chosen proximity radius of a desired location (including on a map as well as global place names).

You can narrow down to your desired property search however you wish.  Listing of properties is easy.  You are never tied down (or told by us) as to what else you can do in terms of any of your other listings.  We listen and this website service is straightforward and fair. You can enjoy the full power of Google Maps.  This includes searching by place name, post code and being able to search within a given distance of any place you desire.  You really do not need to be technical to successfully and fully benefit from our site.  The concept of a confusing, cluttered, vested-interest site is completely foreign to the service that we provide.  There is a real priority on putting function before form on this site, together with no distracting adverts or banners. The website has been designed and written with genuine care.

The main property screen with its live, dynamic responsive design will help you be in control when listing or finding property. Wherever possible the site uses AJAX updating technology. Sorry, that wasn't plain English, was it? 🙂  It means we endeavour to update page information from your interactive clicks without the need to completely reload web pages.  

So Yes our site is very much more like an App, but better than that, it is accessible from everywhere without any App version updating, or being controlled by any one specific hardware/software platform or device.  

 'OneClick' brings you a step closer to a clear place where property listing and searching is simple and straightforward, without 'all the rubbish'.

A place where really anyone has the freedom to list and search for property.

Online is obviously the right place to list or start your search for any property. Why visit every estate agent in person when you can see the properties they offer from the calm of your own home or office?

Similarly, why first go through the websites of individual traditional estate agents who mainly only list properties they themselves market?  Rather than going onto a property portal which features many more properties from numerous agents and independents?

And surely it should be completely your free choice to accurately list properties wherever you wish?

Our view is that the choices to list and search for property have unfortunately been a real problem for both groups over time.

In fact, we believe the matter has sometimes been little short of 'a cesspit'.

To take some examples that have commonly been reported (and which you may have possibly already experienced) together with some other factors you might wish to bear in mind:

  • There has been two or three main 'big players' online for listing property. Yes perhaps some of us know 'what a lovely service and price' we enjoy when there are a limited number of 'players' in any market, be it with respect to energy, water or anything else we all need.

    However, even if a property site has a large or reported huge numbers of visitors, that effect can be disadvantageous or even greatly diluted as more and more agents and property listers list their properties on these sites. i.e. more properties listed on the site your property is listed on does not necessarily work to your advantage.  And if searching facilities are not very good with properties becoming buried or otherwise disadvantaged, or if all types of properties are not covered, then it does not work to a searcher's advantage either.

    Maybe a big 'powerful' site does not work for everyone, or even most? 

  • It is widely reported that the figures concerning the volume of site visits cannot be relied upon. Personally, I do not believe 'many of any' figures readily pushed to me, but it is up to us to make our own judgements.  
  • Many property listing portals are actually linked to each other or to one of the two or three 'big players'.  (i.e. smaller sites saying they are powered by 'such and such').  'OneClick' is not linked to any portal and is completely independent in that respect.  
  • It has been common for bigger property portal players to purchase other property portal sites, only to then shut them down.  This can only result in reducing competition and customer choice both for property listers and searchers alike.  
  • It has been common for numerous property agents to take properties off portals and then after a short time period has elapsed, or when a sale has maybe fallen through, to then relist those same properties back on the portal, but appearing as if they are 'new on the market' listings. This unfair practice can also falsely increase web search positions and provide misleading property alerts.  This 'portal juggling' can be misleading as can any misrepresentation.  Our site does not use property alerts and all live searches on our site are based purely on basic criteria provided by the property listers.  E.g. the date when the property was first listed is irrelevant to all search tools on our site.  We also do not list any claimed figures as to our site's performance or to the average asking prices, as you can never assume anyway that a property which is still listed but as sold, achieved any given listed asking price. Similarly on our site, any property removed and then placed back on our site will be at no advantage. Any account recognised by us as being part of a fraudulent act or part of any misleading practice on 'OneClick' will be closed down as per our terms.  

    In any event, please note that all claimed details should always be carefully checked by the buyer or renter(/leasee) and their legal professional when contemplating the purchase, lease or rental of any property. (And maybe even take all details with a 'pinch of salt' 🙂 

  • Individuals have been commonly prevented from directly listing property on some 'main big-player' portals unless they instruct an estate agent first.  We believe this is wrong and that anyone should be able to list and expose their own property effectively to as wider audience as possible without needing to be 'tied down' or 'hemmed in' in any way.  How many of us would wish to have to agree a commission on the future sale of our own car, just to be able to effectively list or advertise it?  And you would likely also want to list that car in several places, wouldn't you?  
  • At the end of the day, property searchers (i.e. prospective buyers/renters), and listers of property who are prospective sellers do (or should) need to be straightforward and completely honest about these matters. The truth is (and we all probably already know it 🙂 ) is that any property agent who approaches you is clearly a professional (and even if you approach them, they are still that professional). The Agent will commonly want to get your property 'on their books'. i.e. that is the main or maybe only avenue from which they personally will benefit from the sale or rental of your property, however long it takes.  You may have one property to sell, but they do commonly have many more than 'that one' to sell. i.e. it is 'a numbers game' where your number may be one and theirs can be many more than that. To 'help you get on their books', an agent as 'middleman and salesman' may suggest to you that your property can (or even is likely to) achieve a certain price.  It is also 'human nature' for any owner seller to want to achieve the best sale price when trusting a professional who has more experience and knowledge in that field.  This can sometimes be a tactic used by an agent to persuade you to 'go with them' re 'we can get the best price for you'.  The agent could base a price assertion on figures that may or may not be true or realistic.  The agent in this endeavour may also drop his fees to attract you as a client.

    But in any event, and in terms of more relevancy, the hard overriding fact is that once/as (or if) you have agreed to 'go with them', then it can often go 'helpfully hand in hand' with some kind of agency or sole agency agreement where you may be thereafter 'tied in' to staying with that agent who now has 'all the time in the world'. 

    In these situations, now price reductions agreed by you because of the former, 'can happen'.  i.e. you may loose or be at a disadvantage again, but whilst an eventual commission to that particular agent is still largely protected. i.e. you sometimes cannot dis-instruct an agent thereafter not to sell your property.   They may also sometimes have pre-communicated that your property cannot be widely listed on the internet if you do not agree to their 'tied in' terms whilst suggesting or persuading you that your property may sell for whatever certain figure.

    Are all Estate Agents like this?

    Certainly not. And most provide a valuable, knowledgable and trustworthy local service.

    Is this a real temptation driven by the forces of competition and the 'natural direction' of wanting to 'out-do' or survive in that 'middleman/sales/competitive' zone?

    Yes it is.

    Has it been a problem?  Yes it has.

    Is there a way to protect against this?  Well, try and get as accurate and as independent a valuation of the likely achievable and realistic sale price for your own property as possible. And be careful not to have that price be based on any claimed sale prices which may be completely false or other asking prices which may already be inflated.  Also be very careful if signing any agency agreement, and if you do, then make sure you are happy with the details of the arrangement and also make sure that it is only for a limited time . (Almost sounds like a BREXIT backstop, doesn't it 🙂 )

    Who is at fault for these numerous scenarios?

    We are not so much interested in that and not meaning it in an unsympathetic way, but it is time to move on.  What we can change and what we do absolutely passionately care about here is to offer fair terms on this site for property listers and searchers alike.  And whilst 'briefly' pointing out what in our view has been occurring.  The rest would likely be a complete waste of everyone's time. Yes our site focuses on useful content, is maybe more 'raw', functional, minimalistic and less opportunistic, and without the many distractions of advertising and banners there commonly are on such sites.

    But then again, that's the way it is intended to be by design,  and It's time to move on.

So in short: 🙂

Anyone is welcome to accurately and fairly list property on 'OneClick' as per our straightforward terms.  Customers listing on our site can simultaneously list on any other property site(s) as well (if the other site allows it!).  We make no discrimination as to whether property listers and searchers are large or small, traditional estate agents or not, online agents, businesses or private individuals.  (or whether listed property is residential or commercial)

If it is your property or you have legitimate sanction to list it, then 'OneClick' is a good place to be.

Our goal is a fair, transparent 'level playing field'.

Our Listing Plans

FREE* Trial
(14 Days)

  • 5 Properties (Max)
  • Cancel anytime
  • incl. web enquiries

Bronze Single

£5 / Month
  • Per Month
  • 1 Property
  • Cancel anytime
  • incl. web enquiries

Silver Pro 30

£28 / Month
  • Per Month
  • 30 Properties (Max)
  • Cancel anytime
  • incl. web enquiries

Gold Pro 200

£95 / Month
  • Per Month
  • 200 Properties **
  • Cancel anytime
  • incl. web enquiries

We accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards:

PLEASE NOTE: For those searching for property, there is no need to subscribe to any plan at all, not even the FREE plan.

*  No payment details are required to benefit from the FREE Trial plan and if you do not wish to upgrade there is absolutely no commitment to pay anything by using our FREE plan.

The aim of the 14 Day FREE listing plan is to provide an honest, FREE trial introduction to test listing property on our site.  Account registration is still required for FREE listings so you can have the option to upgrade keeping your existing property records without any re-registration. The number of photos for each property is limited to two photo images per property under the FREE Trial (and one PDF document per property).  Main paid-for plans are presently limited to ten photos (and five PDF documents) for each property but anything more than five photos may confuse and also make it take longer to display the individual property screen.  

Before the end of the 14 day FREE trial period you can choose to either cancel or to upgrade to one of our main subscription plans which all come with a 30 day money back guarantee. All property records you create under your FREE plan will be maintained if you upgrade to any main plan.

As well as the 30 day money back guarantee, beyond that period you can cancel any plan at any time with no further payments becoming due.

FREE trials are provided on a one-off basis and limited to a single FREE plan per individual or business entity and cannot be re-subscribed to.

** For agents wishing to list more than 200 properties simultaneously, please contact us with your specific requirement.


30-day money back guarantee

We offer a worry-free membership experience with a 30-day money back guarantee to all new subscribers.  To benefit from this guarantee you only need to cancel any new subscription on our site within the first 30 days.  You do not need to provide a reason for a cancellation or obtain any authority from us.

Even after the first 30 days guarantee period, you can cancel at any time with no further payment.


Everyone deserves a clear view before making a decision together with help and support afterwards.  Feedback about our site is also greatly appreciated.  

Pre-sales queries


It obviously does depend on your requirements and priorities.  But there is always the option to easily upgrade the number of properties as well as an option of a full refund within 30 days on all our plans.

So perhaps the advice should be to subscribe to the number of properties you currently wish to list. And because web enquiries and contact details are included in all the main paid-for plans anyway, to subscribe to one of those.  After all, it is risk-free within the 30-day guarantee, so in effect our plans all have a trial element.

For home sellers and single property landlords, the choice will commonly be the 'Bronze Single' plan. For Agents, it will more likely be 'Silver Pro 30' or 'Gold Pro 200', or if more properties are required then a tailored plan to meet the requirement.

The FREE trial plan is only intended as a test plan for a few properties. It is limited in terms of the number of properties, photos per property, and documents that can be stored for each property.  It is only intended as a short-term test to get a feel for listing on our site.


You can upload images up to 16MB but that will not really benefit what will be seen.  Nothing more than 1MB is worth uploading.  All images are resized and compressed upon upload and multiple versions of them created to be used in specific situations. Larger images will only take longer to upload.

As for the width:height dimensions of uploaded property photos. Our site is designed to work with landscape photos with anything from 1.2 to 1.8 for the width/height aspect ratio. Anything outside that will likely be somewhat distorted but the site has been designed to be quite forgiving of accepting photos with different resolutions and aspect ratios while 'regimenting' those images for best display. All the common landscape photo width/height (aspect) ratios of  4:3,  3:2, 16:9 and 5:3, 5:4 will work well.


Yes. We take the security of our site and customers very seriously.

Our site uses an SSL certificate and the whole website is accessed via the HTTPS protocol (i.e. 'padlock symbol').  External services (such as Google Maps) are accessed via the same method.  All payment gateways are similarly secured via HTTPS access and we do not store any credit or debit card information. In fact your credit card information does not even go through our servers! The payment providers we use are the most secure on the planet.  PayPal and Stripe are both top tier payment providers who are both Level 1 PCI Service Providers, which is the highest grade of payment processing security.  All data required additional to credit card information is stored in heavily encrypted format. 


Customers taking out (or upgrading to) a paid-for subscription plan can pay securely by PayPal, credit or debit card.  A paid-for plan continues monthly until cancelled and is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee which means that if you wish to cancel within the first 30 days then you will be fully refunded.  Cancellations after 30 days will result in no further monthly payments.

The reason we have an initial charge for the first 30 days is to maintain quality of listings and to help ensure mostly that genuine accountable customers add to the site.   

After purchase


If for any reason (and you do not even need to provide one) you wish to discontinue using our listing service within 30 days of initially subscribing to any plan, you will receive a full refund for those 30 days. It is as simple as that, and all backed up by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Cancellations after 30 days result in no refund but no further monthly payments.


Upgrading is very easy.  Just log in to your 'OneClick' account and under the subscriptions, account or profile menu option, choose the 'upgrade' option.  You will then be presented with the subscription plans available to you.  Gold Pro members will see no upgrade option but you can still contact us if you require to list more properties and tell us what you need. 


The number of properties listed in each plan above refers to the maximum number of simultaneously stored properties that can be listed under that plan.  As you sell or let properties you may wish to delete them from our site (easy to do with 'OneClick') or you may wish to leave them on the site.  If they remain then they do still take up part of your plan's allocation.

For example: If you were listing a holiday home, it may well be presently rented out, but you might still want that property to remain on 'OneClick'. So it is totally up to you how many properties you consider you will need in terms of choosing from your plan and/or upgrading.

Please note: Cancelling a plan will result in the subsequent cancellation of your account with us and all of your property records will no longer be accessible from our site.


Yes.  When making any payment, just enter the correct billing information to appear on your invoice. Then at any time you are logged in, choose your 'Payment History' menu option and a PDF version of the invoice is then available for you to download, and print if you wish.  If you ever have any problems with this then just contact us at support and we will be happy to send you any or all invoice documents.

Using our site


Well that is ok. In fact it is good and one of the innovative ways we have been able to unify totally different property types within a single searchable database while minimising the input necessary from everyone.

If the box does not apply to the property you are listing then just ignore that parameter. It means that if the parameter is important and necessary to your listed property, it will be added and searchers will be able to benefit from that parameter if they consider it important when narrowing down their search.

For example: The 'number of Bedrooms' criteria will only really apply to residential property. So if you are adding a commercial office, then just do not enter anything in the 'Bedrooms' box.  The office may be for lease rental (let) and/or it may be for sale. Just enter the relevant amounts in one or both boxes.

Note: You need to enter any lease/rental rate figure in the numeric box in £/year and just as a numeric. You can always specify the exact terms (i.e. actual payment frequency and conditions) within the description field.  This enables searchers to universally always search by specifying a simple rate range, and whatever the property's actual payment frequency is.   


If you are logged in and subscribed to any plan then you can easily filter properties so only yours are displayed.  This is done by toggling the user/account button just beneath (and to the left of) the 'Search Criteria' heading. (It has a tooltip hint called 'Show only my property')

The icon button will only appear if you are logged in and so it knows whose properties to display. Clicking on it again will disable the filter and then show all properties subject to whatever other criteria have been set.

This 'Show my property' button filter can be dynamically combined with any other combination of search criteria. So it would also be very easy for instance to display 'All my listed properties with off-street parking in London' 


In our view, editing in MS Word is very good and useful, especially if you just want to print on paper.  However, there are different formats for Word and if you save a document on one operating system or computer (E.g. Mac), it may not always be easily viewable on another (E.g. Windows)

Legal documents are trusted and preferred to be transferred in the PDF format (i.e. they are more secure and cannot be altered without leaving a 'footprint')

MS Word can easily save any of its documents in PDF format from the file 'Save as' menu and resulting 'format' dropdown box.  Most or all mobile and desktop devices can freely view PDF documents without alteration or intervention.

One of the primary aims of our site is to simplify and try and avoid incompatibilities plus other things that waste many people's time.


On any plan including the FREE trial listing plan, Yes you can. The reason for the initial first 30 days charge on non-trial plans is to maintain quality of listings and help maximise genuine accountable customers adding to the site.

If you have any question, problem or suggestion then we genuinely want to hear from you.  More than that, your feedback helps us improve our service to you and all customers.   

Property search and listing the way it should be.

Our hassle-free service is based on simplicity and fair terms for all users. In a world where many things are needlessly complex or contrived, we strive for and then deliver staightforward simplicity.

A signed-up account is recommended to submit property enquiries and a subscription plan is required (including a FREE one) to list property.

So get a 2020 Bird's-Eye View on property and sign up to start benefitting from the 'OneClick' property experience!